• Context


    Buildings are an integral part of our environment, where we now spend over 90% of our time. Our buildings influence us directly. Elements such as design, material choices, and equipment have an impact on our comfort, mobility, and health. These facts have forced us to adapt the building environment to better suit our needs, and to provide better services.


    The keys to success for innovation in this field are:

    • Support of a vibrant startup ecosystem
    • Involvement of major landlords and corporates and identification of their needs
    • Development of partnerships and new offers within these ecosystems

    Our proposal


    Impulse Partners has partnered with ARP-Astrance in order to select the most innovative startups and connect them with industry leaders, thereby speeding up development. Following an in-depth selection process and the partners' approval, we provide our startups the network to grow their service, as well as a variety of benefits ranging from reduced rates, events and financing.


  • The ecosystem

    At the heart of innovation in comfort, health and well-being through real estate


    Business development accelerator

    Catalyst for opportunities

    • Join an ecosystem specialized in property uses and occupants well-being
    • Proximity between startups/well informed investors/ partners and real estate professionals
    • An ecosystem with the most innovative and promising startups 
    • Funding of Paris innovation 
    • Seed capital and loans on trust


    Open innovation



    Major occupants and real estate professionals and industrials :

    • An active watch on innovation in this sector
    • Open Innovation: plateform for collaboration and exchange 
    • Corporate Venture
    • Notoriety, image and involvement in the ecosystem

    Bringing together startups with decision-makers around key topics related to well-being and real estate.


    For any type of property: Office, Retail and shopping center, Residential, Education , Sport and recreation, Civic and cultural, Leisure and hospitality, Healthcare, Science and technology.

  • Immowell-Lab Partners

  • Accelerated Startups

    Table transformat​ion in giant touchpad

    Thanks to a ultra-mobile tactile projector, Adok transforms any table into a giant tablet. Adok projects a 40 inches wide tactile and connected surface, made for multiple users.

    Defibrillator Mapping and Monitoring Solution

    Free Mobile App acclaimed by the general public which lists defibrillators worldwide and can locate the nearest defibrillators around you in case of emergency. Staying Alive is available in 13 languages and lists overs 65.000 AED.

    Co2 absorbing paint

    A paint which has all properties of a regular wall paint (different colours, can be applied using a standard brush, interiors & exteriors), but on top it has a wide range of features to increase indoor air quality and to improve indoor comfort levels.

    UK based

    Air purifier

    Design and fabrication of a triple air filter which removes fine particles, chemical pollution and microbial pollution from the air at the first pass.

    Directional speaker

    Directional speaker system which creates a narrow sound beam in which every type of audio content can be listened (music, sound, voice...). Outside of this beam: only silence.

    Occupant's Health and Comfort

    Alogia helps the social landlord and communities in the choice of most relevant technologies to adapt the accommodation or the establishments to the elderly

    Building Analytics

    A software that displays data in one place from IoT devices in the buildings to give real-time feeds and make information visual so as to help staff understand the building and make actions to increase energy performance and comfort levels.

    UK based

    Lighting Art

    Atelier Paramètre proposes to galvanize workspaces thanks to digital and immersive work of arts.


    Aura incorporates natural ecosystems in buildings to make employees feel better thanks to aquaponics.

    Coworking platform​

    Base10 is a digital platform for collaborative economy applied to workspaces . It allows its members to maximize the usefulness of under-occupied areas in business , and to find and book a suitable and friendly place to work.


    Living Better Together

    A mobile app made to encourage employees to share passions and extra professional activities

    The first platform for digital art

    Art video, art data, generative or interactive art: the 21st century's art is digital.

    Bright produces the best of digital art for brands and towns. With its unique platform and its studio which manufactures digital works at the intersection of art and innovation, Bright immerses everyone in the art of the future and contributes to well-being in real estate projects.


    A “smart places” software and technology company that offers a 3D indoor location software and IoT platform that allows buildings stakeholders to optimize performance by increasing productivity, user experience, and interaction.

    UK based

    Water filter

    A system offering micro-filtered water for offices, hotels and restaurants.

    Collaborative application for co-ownership management

    Building management tool designed for housing and destinated to occupiers, facility managers and providers. This is a digital tool (Saas, collaborative mobile app) which eases building management and living together.

    Participatory indoor garden

    Vegetable garden adapted to offices (wooden furniture easy to set up ; standing position when gardening ; selection of types of vegetables adapted to indoor environment conditions) with activities organized all year long which favour social links between employees.

    Pedestrian and facilities

    The Mobile Application offers to employees from a single company to follow the same path (public transport, walking to the office…).

    Concierge service

    Send your request by sms and Clac des doigts will answer it right away.

    Designer of Smockeo, an intelligent and communicating smoke detector

    In case of smoke detection, rise in temperature, the detector will immediately inform the owner or a trusted third party by email, sms or phone call. Smockeo also informs about the condition and the level of compliance of the detector.

    Digital Assistant

    Multiservice, connected platform, intelligent, pro-active and accessible: a digital concierge.

    Management of coworking space​

    Management, animation and commercialization solution for flexible spaces in cloud. Automatization of the work processus (disponibility, reservation, payment etc.)

    Healthy food

    Delivery of healthy and varied snacks (organic fresh fruit, dried fruit, original snacks) to Parisian companies, via a monthly subscription with no obligation.

    Living Better Together

    DYNSEO develops a tablet-based app to stimulate seniors, prevent cognitive impairments and dementia such as Alzheimer's and maintain a social link.


    Innovation to capture daylight outdoors and carry it indoors with fiber optics.

    Car-pooling stations

    Car-pooling stations rely on connected urban furniture. Ecov develops the information system that allows to manage communication through mobile networks between urban furniture and webserver.

    SAAS piloting software for energy efficiency of tertiary buildings

    The Effipilot technology relies on:

    • Collecting datas that influence the energy behaviour of the building
    • Setting up intelligent learning algorithms
    • Interacting continuously with the energy systems of the building


    A reflector dedicated to individuals and compagnies to improve the natural lighting.

    Janitorial service

    A delivered solution of automated lockers located inside buildings.


    Fitness coaching solution at the office to improve the employees' health and well being thanks to a pool of certified coaches.

    Workplace Management

    All-in-one application to manage workspace and meeting rooms bookings, office management, all kind of deliveries (food, parcels, mails…).

    Monitoring of indoor air pollution

    Combination of environmental sensors and data processing to take control of indoor air quality for inhabitants’ comfort. The system can be interfaced with the air processing system of buildings.

    Living Better Together

    Daily delivery service to connected fridges allowing employees to feed themselves all day long

    Interactive Mapping

    Advertisings platform specialized in the business real estate desks, warehouse, premises, land) offering added-value services (digital visit, search engine of properties' advertising taking into account every employee’s address…).


    Bio-lighting system, without electricity consumption and light pollution emission.

    Well being


    Well-being of employees' programms that combine digital (via a mobile wellness coaching application) and face-to-face workshops (yoga, meditation, conferences, etc.) to improve the health capital and employee commitment.

    Monitoring the quality of working environment

    Connected object which continuously measures physical parameters (temperature, humidity, average level of noise, noise peaks, light, colorimetry and air quality), as well as a subjective judgement of well-being. Thus it is possible to provide correlations between personal well-being and environment parameters.

    Gymlib SAS provides online information services. The Company offers online platform for fitness centers information, membership registration, subscription service passes, and payment gateway services.

    Real estate 3D Web platform

    Digital solution consisting of scanning real estate properties and enabling everyone to visit it remotely.

    Circadian lighting

    LED lighting system thought in terms of spectrum , intensity and timing, which respects the biological clock of anyone in order to improve the wellness of occupants. This is a wireless system and is compatible with the connected objects.


    Healthy snacks

    Healthy snack service for corporate and community, delivered through vending, snack boxes, wholesale and white label. Vending machines are connected, 100% cashless with multi-buy facility, wheelchair user display option and full nutritional and allergen information presented prior to purchase through a touch screen interface.

    UK based

    Site management

    This digital platform connects compagnies that have unused office spaces and professionals seeking to rent offices for a flexible period of time.

    Numerical touchpad for blind people

    Inside vision created the InsideOne touchpad that can be used by blind people. This touchpad can transform visible characters into Braille characters thanks to a Braille keyboard.


    Measures occupation rate of your spaces through sensors and a mobile app. This solution allows you to optimize your office's use in order to lower rents.

    Insolight's goal is to make solar energy affordable. Insolight is a startup based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was founded in 2015 by Laurent Coulot, Florian Gerlich and Mathieu Ackermann, three EPFL alumni passionated by solar energy and technology...

    Vegetalized building

    Specialized landscaper in vegetalized buildings.

    Micro location system to optimize companies' workplace

    Smartphone and computer application connected to bluetooth sensors spread over all the areas to be covered in the building. This technology is to be used by occupiers (employees) and facility managers. 

    Develops VR and MR (Mixed Reality) training for compagnies (VR, real time 3D).

    KANDU helps enterprises create pleasant, healthy and effective working environments by giving everyone access to expertise in architecture and building science (acoustics, thermic, light, air quality).

    Car sharing

    Karos is an integrated mobility operator that exploits AI to improve the accessibility of office and residential properties and promote the property assets of the landlords.


    French leader in carpooling from home to work with more than 50,000 daily trips on its network. Its mobile application meets the specific needs of employees, particularly in terms of scheduling flexibility.

    Supports urban agriculture and the circular economy by enabling cities and individuals to work, think and cultivate in a more circular way.

    Design, planning and operation

    Modular napping furniture for companies.

    Innovative space

    E-bulle : Workstation for offices and work space.

    Pedestrian navigator

    "Turnkey" solution which relies on a network of tags located on the site and a simple using mobile application. The offer includes the mapping of the site, the launch in ThumbCloud and production, installation and programming of location tags on site



    Home decorating tenders platform

    Platform allowing individuals or companies to explain their interior layout and decoration project, for which they receive three propositions from professional decorators and interior designers. All three architects receive remuneration. The client has the choice to keep working with the winner to implement the project.

    Renovation and wall art

    Let's put color and art in your office space or your home ! Have artists do unique wall art pieces, whether they are young talents or well known, doing street art or classic renovation.

    Mutum enables individuals to borrow equipment for free in convenient locations.

    Occupant's Health and Comfort

    MVAW design active process, bio inspired and efficient to improve air quality

    Mental Training

    A multilingual app to combine performance and mental well-being at work, and avoid mental overload facing the flow of information.

    Site management

    Connected sensors to measure the occupancy of workingplaces in the tertiary sector. It optimize your workspace and increase your productivity.

    Nap pod

    Nap & Up is part of a global approach of well-being at work by setting up a healthy work environment. Indeed, we want to act so that the company of tomorrow is perceived as a place of fulfillment centered on the human.

    That's why we want to offer employees the opportunity to recharge their batteries in the workplace, thanks to a space dedicated to disconnection and to an effective practice: the powernap.

    Coworking spaces reservation platform

    Web and application technology: intermediation platform between users and coworking spaces. All types of workspaces are available: meeting rooms, private offices, shared spaces, wifi cafes.

    Social link

    App whose purpose is to strengthen links at work by organizing meals among employees.

    Noise-filtering earphones for open-plan offices

    With Tilde noise-filtering earphones, finding the perfect balance between concentration and communication at work has never been easier.

    A ride-hailing app for short distance rides, available in Bordeaux, Lyon, Montreal and Paris region.

    One conciergerie (by Jobbers)

    Personal assistant

    Jobbers is a personal assistant that takes care of contingencies of everyday life, optimizes their attendance at the office and find tips for leisure and vacation.

    Flexible spaces

    Owwi creates modular panels where electricity is fully part of the structure. Many applications ensue from this innovation

    Parking management system based on a valets network

    The offer relies on exchanging free parking places (during the day for people and during nights and weekends for companies) against a free access to valet parking. A universal remote and a database allow to manage the parking places network.

    Interactive robotics solution dedicated to the quality of indoor environments

    Mobile and autonomous robot gifted with artificial intelligence and able of learning and interaction. It offers services dedicated to the quality of indoor environment, to the production of environmental datas and to energy efficiency.

    Sound guidance system

    Phitech develops innovative solutions to make transport, building and roadway accessible for the blind and the visually impaired

    Platform of accessible locations in France

    Online platform providing the places and locations accessible to disabled people. The platform allows the users to write feedbacks.

    Smart thermostat

    Thermostat that takes into account the environment (temperature of the building, weather ) and habits of occupants to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption. It is a learning technology which evolves over time. It works without an internet connexion.



    Startup that offers the automatic distribution of ultra fresh and healthy meals as well as the delivery on a corner of fresh fruits, dried fruits, snacks and self-service drinks in your offices.

    Application which manage daily tasks

    Quatre Epingles develops a network of connected services to make daily works more simple and faster. The app summerize your daily works in one clic.

    Runnin’City developed a vocal GPS – audio guide which helps runners discover over 150 cities around the world while jogging.

    LED bulb respectful of the circadian cycle

    US startup that has developed the "drift light" ulb, which adjusts its brightness depending on the time of the day. The user programs his usual bedtime and awakening time, and the bulb maximizes interior lighting to improve sleep quality.

    Indoor sensors

    Indoor sensors (humidity, temperature, occupation) delivering data to optimize your office's comfort and energy efficiency thanks to an analytics software.

    Designer of the Smart remote, that controls all connected objects in the house

    After having geolocated the Smart Remote in the house, the remote control must be set up to be aware of the location of all connected objects in the house. Then it will automatically know which object one wants to control by pointing in the right direction, and then relevant options are displayed

    Well-being of collaborators

    Silent Space, a sound masking technology
    to limit obtrusive noise in open plan work space.

    Proximity social network

    Positive economy network based on the aggregation in a single ecosystem of all the collaborative services existing in a neighbourhood. This ecosystem is based on innovative digital tools and can be used by local communities and landlords (real-time alerts, civic dialogue...), actors of local life (shops, artisans, associations) and citizens.

    Lighting system

    Thanks to a single picture, Solen’s techonology is able to measure and qualify the potential natural light of the represented space.

    Connected building

    Telecom infrastructure managed by an operator in order to connect office buildings.

    Digital program to tackle sedentariness through nutrition and physical activities

    The program is composed by:

    • Behaviour change through physical activity
    • A web platform (desktop, tablet, mobile app)
    • A health-coach network trained to the Stimul methodology and delivering training to employees


    Pedestrian GPS for persons with reduced mobility.


    The first mobile canteen network for company catering needs or public/private events.

    Occupant's Health and Comfort

    Indoor air depollution solutions that address issues of public health, well-being at work, productivity improvement and economic optimization.

    Well-being of collaborators

    Provides management culture of the company. Employees respond to 3 questions per week, and Supermood generates a customized report for HR managers, with tips to improve employees commitment.

    Telegrafik platform transforms home sensors’ data into added value services, such as smart alerting and smart monitoring.

    Smart in glass specialist

    Distributor and installer of aluminium and steel joinery for smart building: these joineries are made for smart glasses (heating, opacifying etc.)

    Color and Light Measurement

    Real-time spectral light data measurement thanks to a miniature spectrometer. Data is captured and visualised by an app and includes a wide range of calculated parameters to help understand light comfort levels and define action plans.

    UK based

    Smart thermostat

    Thermostat that takes into account the environment and the occupants’ remoteness from home to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.

    Space sharing

    Welcome at work : Create and manage common areas in private buildings. It aims to stimulate the ecosystem and create occupants’ fulfilment.

    Wise Building is a mobile app aiming to guide office buildings in their digital transformation by turning them into smart, practical and pleasant workspaces.

    Increasing communication at work​

    The app Wittyfit is a global and comprehensive answer to management of well being at work. It shows the level of well being and you're advise by health and work experts.

    Digital implementations


    Platform that centralizes access to the services that are available to employees of a large company in a single interface.

    Urban agriculture

    Design and implementation of gardens for collective living spaces inside / outside / around buildings. The offer includes a support service combining maintenance and training.




    Yoga corporate, the method is practiced at your desk, or in meeting room. It fights against the stress at work, the RSI and the impact of the screen work on the employee's health.

  • News

    September 10th 2016: Immowell-Lab celebrates being 9-month-old !

    The accelerator Immowell-Lab, which is the result of the partnership between Impulse Labs and Arp-Astrance, celebrates its first 9 months. Many new start-up in the field of wellness by real estate have integrated the accelerator. More than 30 Proof of Concepts have been incurred, and new partnerships launched.

    July 12th 2016: Blockchain breakfast

    Blockchain was the innovation of the first half of 2016. Beyond questions, the implementation of the Blockchain involves defining what added value this technology can bring a business perspective. Arp-Astrance published in April a White Paper on the blockchain. Immowell-Lab presents to its partners disruptive tracks that can bring blockchain and its first achievements.

    May 31st 2016: Private pitch session for Altarea Cogedim

    During the sustainable development week, Altarea Cogedim met 6 Immowell startups for private pitchs. It was the opportunity for Alatrea Cogedim's team to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the startups and to discuss about possible joint experiments.

    May 24th 2016: Immowell event dedicated to accessibility in real estate

    This public event started with the intervention of Guy Tisserand, TH Consulting president specialist of management of handicap. Three applicant startups which offer solutions for accessibility in real estate pitched in front of the Immowell's partners. Two other startups that are already part of the accelerator presented their specific applications for accessibility.

    March 22th 2016 : 2nd immowell startups committee

    11 New startups pitched in front of Immowell accelerator's Partners. 6 of them were selected to join the ecosystem.

    February 26th 2016: breakfast meeting of Immowell startups

    The first startups selected to integrate the Immowell accelerator gathered for the first networking breakfast.

    February 16th 2016: Olivier Ezratty presents its analysis of the CES for Immowell breakfast meeting

    Since 2006, Olivier Ezratty makes an in-depth analysis of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show's trends. This show presents technological innovations of consumer electronic devices and gathers more than 3880 exhibitors among which a strong presence of the French Tech companies has been noticed. As a well-known expert and board member in several startups, Olivier Ezratty writes a report every year on the CES.

    January 16th 2016: first startups selection committee

    13 startups pitched their project in front of the accelerator's partners. The partners' evaluations determine which startups can enter the Immowell accelerator. These startups innovate in different sectors, in order to address most of the "wellness by real estate" issues: air quality, smart furniture and device, stress management, social link, interior design, thermal comfort... The adjacent picture shows a startup pitching its offer.

    December 9th 2015: Kaufman&Broad's press release about its partnership with Immowell

    Kaufman&Broad explains in this press release its strategic choices to participated to real estate innovations and to meet its economic goals.

    December 7th 2015: Sogeprom's press release about its partnership with Immowell

    Sogeprom explains why partnering with Immowell-Lab is part of its real estate strategy.

    December 3rd: Immowell and its partners attend SIMI 2015 (real estate show)

    Yves Gabriel announces the official launch of the Immowell-Lab accelerator, in attendance of the first partners: Renault, EPADESA, Saint-Gobain, Sogeprom, Vinci Facilities and Altarea Cogedim.

    October 20th 2015: Official launch of Immowell-Lab

    Partners and startups gathered in the Boucicaut offices in Paris for the official launch of Immowell-Lab, startup accelerator dedicated to wellness by the real estate. It was the opportunity to mark the beginning of project which consists of creating an ecosystem gathering the major real estate groups, major tenants and innovative startups in order to improve occupiers' wellness. 

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    IMPULSE PARTNERS is a strategy consulting firm that works with senior executives on strategy, innovation and performance. We help our clients tackle growth challenges, identify opportunities, rethink business models and revisit innovation strategy.


    IMPULSE PARTNERS is developing startup accelerators in close connection with industry decision-makers, the City of Paris and bpifrance. Our teams detect the most innovative, promising start-ups and connect them to industry leaders in order to speed up their development.


    Learn more about: impulse-partners.com

    ARP-Astrance works with real estate professionals and users in order to achieve Real Estate transformation. We integrate the challenges of a changing society into our thinking and anticipate today and tomorrow's Real Estate issues.

    Our approach revolves around four major issues: environment, health and well-being, biodiversity and smart building.

    Our team of 80 consultants (engineers, thermists, architects, designers, ecologists) design solutions for neighborhoods, buildings and workspaces that are flexible, innovative and responsible, including new uses and new technologies.


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